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Not by profession nor by education but by Passion.

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In Amharic and English,
Digital and Print.





-Books written in easy English(me being a writer of English as a learner)  and  modest Amharic with a bit of Poems, IT Related Stories, 21st
Century Parables, Random Quotes, Honey Poems and Other Christian Literature.

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Amharic book

English books

What an amazing book
you wrote!  »


So creative and so
beautiful to read…

 May the
Lord continue to bless you and give you more wisdom as you are communicating
the Love of Christ.


 Your style of writing
is so amazing and interesting to read. I also like how you used different
vocabulary out of box to express the amazing love of God. I know everyone who
reads your book will be blessed with your fresh and unique talent as well.

Well done!

 -Ruth Tibebe, Anaheim,

Please come (click) and
enjoy the free books given in this website.


See also the Poetry & Parables  section in this table.


Also consider
owning/buying the moderately priced books.






WebIT Consultancy




Website support
for Churches, Ministries, Charities, Individuals…Small and Medium-sized


» Link


Elias Aldada has done a
remarkable job on designing our website

Living Hope Miracle
Ministry, London.


Get in touch if you want a
website or  know a church/ministry or someone who may need a website.







Immaterial Imaginative Material Modern Art Exhibition




» Link

What is it? Why is it?


It is a visually conceptual art show which promises to bring about Enlightenment, Encouragement and Empowerment for Evangelism purposes.


Useful to Edify Members.

Appealing to School/College/Uni Students.

Inspiring for Anyone.

Suitable for all.

Exhibition is good and could be made even more productive by linking and
working with other Churches.
Fasil Belete,
Christian Fellowship Church in the UK, Fulham Congregation.
Host an
Exhibition, Get in touch to learn more, Inform your Church Pastor /Youth
leader/Evangelism Ministry



Evangelism Expeditions






“Expedition” is
a huge word but for us mere brothers and sisters – witnesses of The Salvation
of The Lord, we can join arms and hands to march into all the world to preach
deliver the gospel for those in need- even those who thirst and hunger and
long for the righteousness of The Lord, The Salvation of The Human Soul by
Divine Grace.






Blessed are those who
hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Blessed are
those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. God
blesses those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they will be satisfied.

– Christ Jesus, Matthew 5:6

See also Enter Heaven section in this table.


Can I hire you to do
this for my business?


-A passerby in
Piccadilly Gardens, Central Manchester, probably a business man, who was
amused and asked “who is paying you to distribute leaflets…?


God is paying us, I
said, Love is our wage, being driven by our own salvation and thereafter drawing
eternal joy when a human soul makes the quantum leap from the vacuum unto the
heavenly realm, I contemplated later on.


Let us preach the
Gospel, ladies and gentlemen.


For darkness is false
and The Light is True.


You Call, You Go, You Do,
You Host, Your pray, you prepare, first.

Support your church’s
evangelistic wing, also support mine, if possible.

Please get in touch, there might be something we can do together.


See also Training section within
this table.








You already
know about KJV(1611), probably about KHV(1962) and NIV(1973)


There is now


What a joy.




“Now Faith is
the Window through the wall, a travel in time.”

-Hebrews 11:1,


Link to read more about QIV»

Link to own a copy of Our Father Prayer with Quantum Comentary


Praise to The Lord and Glory to God. Amen.


Yes, an Epic Project, a Grace-driven effort to interpret/translate Passages of the Bible into Quantum International Version.


What is the use of it?

The bible is already a difficult book and you making it more


-a genuine comment from someone.


Why?, How?

What is th QIV Epic Project?

Please find out and see if you can enjoy the joy of QIV.

See also if there is anyway you can help.



Enter Heaven






A website which carries
the human soul all the way up to heaven’s shores.


Link »

Enter Heaven Online


I love the “Enter
Heaven” Gospel of grace questionnaire multiple choices. The service
truly exposes the redeemed and unredeemed. I pray that God will grant the
unregenerate soul repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ through His
Gospel doctrine.


– Joshua Ramon, West
New York


You Enter Heaven Online

And/or invite a
friend/relative/colleague…to see if they wish to enter heaven online.

Send grass for the clerk
on behalf of The CEO of The Company.




Love site.




A  Weblog which hosts
Amharic poems, quotes and other interesting literature.


Link »

Hewane Amharic Poems Garden

Please note: The language of this destination is Amharic.


God bless you for
sacrificing your time and resources to reach out to the world by way of this
media. I like it most, hope I will frequent this site often and get my mind
shaped the way God looks things happening in our planet and beyond.


It is very creative, it
enhance critical thinking and elevates to a higher level. I like some of the
choices that carry humor …


-Tutu from Alexandria,


Visit the website for
enjoyment in The Praise of The Lord.



and book-luvin’ initiatives.






I am an Old Librarian who
loves not only reading books but serving books for customers (readers).


I used to serve customers various
types of books written by different authors.




I am also interested in promoting library-going and book-reading culture in communities where the culture is not yet well appreciated.


In the developed world/society there is a developed culture of reading, which is a blessing.


A person who read books is more informed than he who is not, and he who is not would have missed a lot from the current news and events and all other opportunities.


…You know what, I
started to believe in myself right now.

I think that the best chapters are
above to be written. I’m sure- Cuz guess who’s holding a pen? 

I’m gonna
pen out something great …and Keep in mind that U’d influenced me immensely.


-comment from an
inquisitive young man who was confused about the things of this life. A
member of a Book Club Initiative which I helped during the start up and
volunteered to be clerk to the club.




Host events,

If you seek
my advice and support never hesitate to get in touch.

I am happy to share my
experience and provide training.








Over the years, I have
volunteered for a few Charities doing great things in society.


These include the Cardinal
Hume Centre in Westminster, London, Merseyside Network for Change, Refugee
Action and Toxteth Learning/International Learning Centre, Liverpool.


We human beings are social
beings, aren’t we, today you may support me, tomorrow I may support you, the
day after tomorrow we may support one another.


And The Lord God is
supporting us every day.


» Link to read an
interesting article about the theories and benefits of voluntarism.

An interesting/recommended article for anyone.


Whilst volunteering for
our busy capacity-building charity (Merseyside Network for Change), Elias
demonstrated his many and notable IT skills to create a bespoke database to
capture all our client activity.  At the time of the project, the database
allowed us to accurately record details and data for a high volume of
service-users, to analyse the data to ensure we were providing an efficient
and relevant product package to the communities we served, and to fulfil the
monitoring requirements of our funders.  Elias’ attention to detail,
understanding of requirements, and organisational skills enabled him to
develop a quality useful tool.


We wish Elias every



Volunteer to/for a charity
in your local area.

Respond to the glorious, hilarious call/challenge made to CEOs, Managers, Leaders…and Pastors via an article.







 Web IT Training.

Evangelism Training.


There is more to the link
than the table.


» Link


(I am fond of informal
and convenient training. Comment from those groups which  I helped with such
training will be posted here soon)


Host a Training       

You may really love these
training services by Mr. Aldada.

To get in touch.







Your brother loves poetry
and asks you what about you?


» Links: [English] [Amharic] [English]



God Bless you, no one
can ever argue with one’s testimony. Praise the Lord! Excellent work.


– poetry dot com


Please come and enjoy the
freely available poems.

Also consider owning some of them.

See also “Books” in this






Your brother plays the
harp with an amateur’s skill.

He also downloads songs
from heavenly places.

With Your Prayers and
Heaven’s Mercy, I may be able to come and sing a bit of my own new songs with
a blend of the good old songs.


Language format is in
Amharic at this moment in time.

For if I try to sing in
English, you may laugh at my posh Amharic accent, so I leave it for now:- )


There is no secret about
the Beauty of The Lord:

Below is a song sung by your brother in Amharic in association with the harp. The theme is very similar with Psalm 27:4

Song title: Wubeteh [Your Beauty ]
Language: Amharic
State of Playing/Recording: Amateur
Brought to you: By Elijah Hisownkid Amateur Real Matter Company*
The company doesn’t exist, obviously, The Accompany does.
Devise used: The Good Old Harp*
Polite note: Please allow me to attempt interpreting/translating this song into English, almost literally:
Your Beauty is Above the sum total of humanity’s beauty.
Your love is killer.
Oh yes, true love is yours
The rest is rubbish.
The rest has corruptions.

1. Your are The Lord of Beauty
You are The Lord of Love
You are Above all.

 My best bit is the
songs you post there, they are relaxing and true.


I simply love them…

 -Dr. Esubalew  Alemu,

Song title: Eyesus Hoy [O Jesus ]
Language: Universal
Brought to you: By Elijah Hisownkid Amateur Real Matter Company*
The company doesn’t exist, obviously, The Accompany does.
Devise used: Yamaha Keyboard
State /polite note: I am learning the keyboard and this was what I saved while randomly playing. Though it is all amateurish, I thought it might sooth a certain soul:- ) for it pleases me every so often. Please forgive me for now, in the future, I may be able to play and record properly.


Pray, first.


Next, Call/Host an event
in your Church or Ministry.

*Harp: Please read the article “the quick history of the Guitar” by Elias Aldada.









Evangelistic Expeditions.


Your brother feels he is
called to be a Missionary unto the Peoples of The Internet.


That is Extraordinary and That
is Wonderful.


So, for this reason,
whether I reach and preach enrich one person or many persons with the Living Loving
Saving Power of The Gospel of God, I am so happy.


Everywhere/in any

It has taken a long time, relatively speaking, but when The Lord opens doors no one can shut them and when The Lord Directs no one stands!


Praise to The Lord Glory to God.

For nothing and no ne can block The Government’s Plan.

Dear Elias,
Thanks for getting in touch – I remember meeting you and enjoying the injara.
I checked out your poetry (in English) – very majestic.”

– a message sent to me  from a director of a certain prominent institution in the Greater London area.


Wonderful site.


May you continue to be
blessed and spread your wings beyond your own boundaries.


Seek the Lord first in
all you do and before you speak.


Listen to him and
permit him to guide you.


Trust him in all your
ways…and he’ll say…WELL DONE my good and faithful servant and when all is
said and done…now comes your name in the book of life. AMEN.


-Armenthia from Owings
Mills, Mary Land, USA


God bless you Armenthis
D Brown.


***This prophetic
comment was written by Armenthia Brown on May 15 2001 at 18:09:54 in the then
Mountain of Honeypoems website using the HomewitGod guest book feature.


For example, this is  one of my own favourite blog.

You may want to send grass to support this service/ministry?

Get in touch to be involved.

And/Or let me get in touch to be involved?


We ‘ not doing here
politics or business, are we,  ladies and gentlemen?


We ‘ doing The Government’s
Work, aren’t we.


Please see also up and down this table.





For This reason, therefore, This is what we can do together.

Not by profession nor by education but by Passion.

By Passion=By GRACE.