Quantum Director

Quantum International Version, Director


Quantum International Version of what?


Pardon me please for I have given myself this prestigious title.


Quantum International Version.

For Thine is The Quantumdom.

You see, the thing is, I have been reading the Bible since my childhood and fallen in love with The Words of The Lord God as expressed through various prophets and kings,  poets and disciples,  fishermen and doctors,  sinners and lawyers, philosophers and all other mere men and women.


How I owe, what I owe my mom and dad who were ( are still) Christians for keeping copies of the bible at home is a lot. My Mom used to tell me the story of Joseph and Moses and Abraham and how The Israelites were chosen by God to be His people, and how you can’t question that, but how you could freely and joyfully be part of the Family, later on in the New Testament, yes indeed. It is up to you, as much as it is.


I have never been to a theology school, I so much wanted and applied to a few schools in the past when I was young and energetic (for I am still so), though I did not pursue that line.


What am I telling you, the good visitor?


You know what, scientists our fellow brothers and sisters know and do wonderful things, yes they do. Praise to The Lord and Glory to God for that.


I am not called to understand Quantum Physics from that angle (though the phrase is very posh and scary as well).We have our own fellow brothers and sisters  who are called to understand these Quantum Mechanics and all those things, some of  them  are even prominent.


What am I going to tell you now?


I realized that scientists our fellow brothers and sisters  occasionally struggle with matter? They do of course understand matter like the physical universe but the problem is, I think, I say I think, the more the understanding, the more is the misunderstanding, I think, I think.


Then what happened?


So, like everybody else, I read news papers and came across the word Quantum, the other day* (going back to the start of the story).


I was so much attracted to it and followed the line and it has a tail… Quantum Physics…Q Mechanics….Q Entanglement….Q Tunnelling ha ha ho ho …for me this was very much fascinating and very much scary,  so it was, I visited the Wikipedia, and then I read a few articles about it and read a book written by a fellow brother.


From the look of it, I thought, I said, they are just coming to appreciate what we have been appreciating all along!, I concluded.


No, I did not conclude anything, only a hasty person concludes hastily.


I realized.

Behold, I have also realized that there is a parable in the universe.


Like any member of any community, I do have great respect and appreciation for scientists our fellow brothers and sisters, believers and not-yet-believers all alike.


We have Metaphysics, We have Philosophy, I said.


We have the Bible, I knew it.


I think some of these things could also be understood in Poetry and with Poetry.


We have Poetry.


Poetry is the noblest of all.


What after that?


I started  interpreting and/or translating selected verses (my favourite ones) from the Bible in to Quantum International Version.


Ever since then I became by myself the director of this project.(Pls  encourage the project, it ‘s a noble thing to do. To get in touch, may be)


So far I have interpreted Our Father Prayer /The Lord’s Prayer and a few more passages.


I feel I am encouraged by The Mercy of The Lord God to do this, but it may just be me being enthusiastic.


For What Reason?


  • To Praise The Lord.
  • To communicate with the modern man in a way he likes it (me too, I like it)
  • To Evangelise and Beyond: to strive…to help persons of all faith, belief, class, trade and profession: “…May be able to appreciate with all the living light sparks what is the multi dimensional expression of ; And to be charged with the Attraction of Christ, which swallows consciousness, that ye might be possessed by The Love of God. (Ephesians 3:18-19, Quantum International Version.)

“…May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fulness of God.( Ephesians 3:18-19, King James Version)


I love the King James Version, so what I do is… refer to it as my parallel inference.


The kind visitor now clicks here to read For Thine is The Quantumdom, with the option to own a copy of it,  even with its  accompanying commentary by your quantum director:- )


Praise to The Lord and Glory to God. Amen.


*The other day: things are relative, aren' they? The other day could be the other week or year or….ha ha ho ho.  Unless I literally tell you, it is difficult to know, easy to guess, isn’t it?. Applicable.