Opportunities for anyone

Great (New) Opportunities Exist Here.



At this moment in time, I am looking for :

Calling you, may be?

Calling you, may be?


  • Managers and/or agents
  • Editors and/or publishers
  • Volunteers and/or volunteers
  • Investors and/or sponsors
  • Producers and/or directors


Who would?

Publish and/or find publishers for my Christian Literature,

Who would also  see if some of the scripts/21st century parables could make it to be movies?


These are Eazy Poems, 21st Century Parables, Quantum Thoughts, Random Quotes, IT Related Stories, Christian Stories, Testimonies and Other Spiritual Reflections.


After having:

Spent a couple of hours finding out these things,


Having Realized that:

It is by faith and good will anyways that we do things we are familiar with and  not yet.


With optimism (and due care, of course).



That is it. Please get in touch for one or all of the above reasons. Perhaps, you might have a different idea or a question? Your author would love to hear from you.


For if one provides ore, two grabs gold.