Man is a voluntary being.

Volunteering.  Voluntarism.  Voluntarists.

By Elias Aldada. Today.

Theory of Voluntarism.


Man is a voluntary being.


Even the meanest person feels some sort of sympathy and lends  his hand, I think, I hope, say, for example, if he sees a mother carrying her infant stumbles on the street or  if there is a car accident on the road, men and women dash to the scene to help, to volunteer…


Man sees The Good and he volunteers. Man is a moral being.


Men and women are good volunteers for their own children, no matter what their disposition is. Even Jesus said, when he was teaching the people about some goodness left in men and women, “If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!” – Matthew 7:11


What do we learn from this?


We learn from this that man is a voluntary being, indeed.


Types of Voluntarism


I. Implicit Voluntary Actions and Activities

Almost all persons. If you remove fallen tree-branches off the pavement down the road home, or if you give priority for an elderly person in the bus, or if you arrange the chairs after sermon in your local church…these are all reflections of voluntarism. There are members of a congregation who don’t yet appreciate this art, for example. Takes time.

II. Professional Voluntarism.

Almost a few people.  This is about people who volunteer for charities, after being recognized as volunteers in a certain organization.

III. Digital  volunteers

Have you ever asked a question over the Internet without knowing who you are asking?
“I am angry with my devise for it is annoying me with orrrrrrr error  number blah blah….you can’t do that now, you can’t have that now….no way” –kind of?
And after a few hours or days someone responded to your cry with the perfect answer  to the joy of your soul…and you disappeared with the answer without even thanking the person who responded to you by faith for you had also asked by faith…. ( I myself have disappeared many times, I do apologize and I hope my confession will be considered as a commendable voluntary action?)

IV. Other types.

Isn’t it a good thing to leave space for ‘other’ if you run out of ideas? You see, someone may volunteer to fill in the gap.


Practicalities of Voluntarism.


• To choose a favourite charity and volunteer
• And/or to volunteer based on  an organization’s need


Benefits of Voluntarism.

For you:
• You may make great friends.
• You may meet the wife/husband while volunteering, you never know, you see.
• You may enrich your work experience.
• You may learn new skills.
• You may volunteer.
• Other.


For thy neighbour:
• You support people in deed.
• You contribute for the good of society.
• May be your presence and smile gives someone a happy company in a certain charity.
• Things come around, don’t they, so, if you live in New York and volunteer for a charity which helps the elderly, another volunteer would rise who would volunteer for a charity which supports senior citizens in London. And your grandparents live in London, you see.(This bullet point should fall under “for you” as well, I think.
• Other.




  1. Local/National/International Voluntarism Day or Event.
  2. Giving priority for Members of Voluntarism, when they apply for a job, for example, imagine, if a person volunteers for days and hours without a payment, how much more that person would contribute if employed?  Easy argument.
  3. Volunteers of the world to get at least travel and/if possible lunch allowance, many charities and organizations already do this, so this paragraph is just being a grumpy old article.
  4. Those volunteers who has volunteered for more than 3 or 4 or 6 months to be rewarded with free tickets for the cinema or orchestra, monthly if possible, quarterly, if impossible.
  5. To entice businesses and corporatations into supporting voluntarists as individuals and/or charities as organizations.  Again many companies already do this, so this paragraph is being busy or noisy?
  6. Why do employed people think they are not expected to volunteer? Wrong,  very wrong belief.


Voluntary Challenge

For CEOs, Managers, Owners, Pastors, Ministers, Preachers, Leaders (Except evangelists and elders)


Please allow this paragraph to challenge you, please do ,if possible, to challenge you  to volunteer at least once in month, if you are a line manager, once in two months if you are a general manager, and quarterly, if you are a CEO/Minister/Owner/Leader.



I will not be accused of being a preacher for I had volunteered for a number of charities.
Even now, time after time, I volunteer as a freelance Evangelist for The Government.



ALL men and women are beneficiaries.


Thought to take away

By the way, Do you know Who the first Volunteer was in the history of Charity?

Please explain.


Thank you and God bless you for reading this article.