There may be a temptation to think of a Librarian as a jack of all books a writer of none.


Wrong temptation,  I would argue.


Being an old* librarian myself, I find it important to assert that we librarians do read most of the books we lend you, and not only that we may also be writers. There is an old saying*: a person who read 20 books could write the introuduction of 1 book. A person who read 50 books could write 1 complete book. And a person who read 100 books…


The classification of knowledge, whether it is using the Dewey Decimal Classifications System or the Library of Congress Scheme, is exciting.


It is a fascinating disciplne.



Foot notes:

Old* librarian: It has come to mean that it has been a while since I worked in a library environment but have not forgotten the skills and joys in it.
Old saying*: Imaginary.