How I know That God Exists

How I know God Exists

A Guide To Atheists Our Fellow Brothers And  Sisters. A Comfort For Some Of Us, Joy For All Of Us.


  • For I am in I AM.


It means I know God exists because I exist. I have not existed myself, I haven’t contributed a single cell. I did not compose my DNA.


  • For I am found.


I found myself. Conscience and Consciousness both leads me to God.


  • For I ask.


I ask Questions therefore I am persuaded there are Answers.

I did not ask or create this questions, I have just been made a being capable of asking questions, searching for facts, seeking for a meaning of things and myself…all these leading me to believe that as I Ask, I will receive (this asking works both for my daily bread and for who or what or why I am after all)…all in all leading me to God.


  • For I live.


This is similar with ‘For I am’ but not the same.

I see that there is this life existing before I existed- life was out there before I was born and life continues when I leave. This leads me to understand that there is This Life which exists independent of me. People are borne, lived 70, 80, 90 years and they are gone. I see, a person’s living is temporary, Life is Eternal. X was born yesterday. X lived today. X is gone tomorrow. It is like this 00:01:00.  Is there a chance, a possibility to live in Life forever, in eternity – instead of living just for 60, 70, 80…years? Yes, if there is away to get in touch with The Independently Existing Life. Is there Independently Existing Eternal Life? Yes. How to know? By reason: see ‘For I live’ and ‘For I am’ and add your own thinking, please.  By Revelations/Faith: See Life.


  • For I think.


Thinking is beautiful. This is amazing. As beautiful as living…

Is thinking material? Immaterial?.Is it all in the brain? Forgive me, please. “I think therefore I am” said a philosopher once, which was excellent but not enough. “I think therefore I know I am of I AM”


  • For I worship.


I see Beauty. By Beauty I don’t mean just beautiful women, please forgive me, no, yes, I see Beautiful Art(Universe being one of it).Beautiful Wisdom, Beautiful Thoughts, Beautiful Questions(some of them are too beautiful that you don’t want their answers). I see Wisdom. I see Glory. I see Grace. I see Charity. I am a Beneficiary of A Kind Person- Who must have donated for everything I am and have. I see, I hear, I think, I touch, I own, I have, I do, I see…wonderful things which none of them do I own or originate.

Here is the point:

These all makes me to crave to find someone to give credit and praise, to admire, to celebrate, to appreciate, yes, to thank someone for all these things, yes, I do literally crave to know who to thank and celebrate. Should I thank/worship myself: false and rubbish. Should I thank you? Please forgive me.

Though I have never seen God as a person- in a sense-( it is beautiful and difficult to say I have not seen God,  or I have), so, yes, even if God never said to me that He is behind all these beauty and art and life…but I by faith  thank Him and I worship Him.

It is up to you.


  • For there is death.


Nobody saw death /or anyone who saw death came back.

Neither an atheist nor a theist could deny the existence of death. We know death exists because life exists, a person who was just alive a second ago is dead a second later. No one knows death, no one came back from death.

I know Someone who came back from death. What about you?

Death also proves that there is life, for if it were not for death, life would have just been living and living and living….and you wouldn’t have known you are living. Death is evil, death is negative, death is taking. Life is good, life is neutral, life is for receiving this or that, life is for charges. To be charged with negative or positive. Death is undesirable. Life is not enough.


If this is the case then, death and life bring us to the knowledge love.


  • For Love.


We have seen that death is negative, life is half. Now we see Love is Full.

Death was the partner of a person’s life, to take over later on. Love came and kicked out death the unwanted partner.

Love is now my Living Partner.

What do you think? What do I think? Would you rather have a partner of death or Love?


  • For Joy.


Happiness I may buy. I may need money for it. If I have no money, I may not be happy. Fact but not truth (I now know that facts are relative, truth absolute.)

Joy however I cannot afford when I am the richest man in the universe, I cannot lose if I were the poorest man. God gives joy. The world gives happiness, even that is stolen one, a shadow from joy, even that one causing too much troubles for the soul later on.


For  I am besieged by Joy.



  • Truth.


Difficult to explain or reflect upon The Truth but let me say what I know.

Absolute Truth exists, I believe it or not, I like it or not. The Truth doesn’t change.

I see that things change. I change, people change…there is change.

For there is change now I know there is no change.

The Truth is Impossible. The Truth has now been made Possible by The Truth, still impossible. That Relative Truth Possibility has been made possible through love and faith, and hope prevails. Only now is the human soul made to land on the other side of Safety.


  • I behold the universe.


I behold the universe a great parable therefore I seek for the text.


  • I read the Bible.


There is no book like the bible. My Christian Philosophy is rooted in the knowledge of the bible and the revelations. It is the text book of the universe. The Words graciously and mercifully left for us in the Scriptures perfectly leads us to the Gate’s of The Truth, then we knock, it shall be opened as promised. See also “The Truth” above. It was opened for many before us and for many who are still with us and for many who would come after us. In the beginning was the Word and The Word was with God and The Word was God. Perfectly beautiful and True. (Unless you want it not to be true, in which case you hurt yourself).


  • Closer than myself.


This is also a mystery. Like every other creature of God, I think about God time after time. In good times, it is easy- you just praise The Lord,  you sing a song, you are happy, you laugh a lot, you enjoy the fellowship with the brethren and the sisters,  you buy friends coffee….ha ha  ho ho…


In bad times, my first question, like most people is, where is God or is there really God?


As for me, since I know and believe that God exists, only the first question remains. Where is God?(for I am not feeling good and happy now.)



I ask “where is God” not only when bad things happen to me but also when bad things happen to people…innocent people hurting, innocent children dying…chaos in the human cosmos…



Most atheist brothers and sisters take this line as their Major Battle Ground. Well, quite understandable. Not because atheists fire it as an excuse, but because we all face troubles and dilemma in life…if you just see the news, it just doesn’t look good.



So I say, if God is but out there in the Universe…. In Space in Heaven….well, will He know me? Will He know where I am and what I am going through? Will He set me free from any prison I let myself into, whether by my own fault and/or by evil or mistakes, will he understand my troubles, I say. May be, may be not, I can’t be sure, I can’t be comforted, I say, if He is out there.



Okay, I say, if He is not out there, He must be down right here, then? I say, I ask, as I pray. If He is all the way down and right here, He could have helped me avoid all these mess coming into my life, or anybody’s life for that matter (I try to be kinder for my neighbour as well in my thinking), yes, if He were here He could have advised me, helped me, I say, I argue, I contemplate, maybe He did but I did not listen, I think, I say, as I pray, as I think about God.



AH, I see, I am now persuaded that God is here with me, Emmanuel by His Name, knowing and understanding all things I go through. The fact that He God knows and understands my bad and good situations makes me happy. However, the truth that God knows and understand me above all my good or bad situations, fills me with joy. This is really beautiful. This doesn’t just makes me know that God exists (though materially speaking, nothing might be changed, yet) but also know that GOD is actually for me and He supports me. HE understands me. This is really excellent that God He understands me. I am now comforted  and satisfied that God is with me, though I do not fully understand Him or His ways, I am properly comforted by the knowledge and experience and consciousness  and convictions and revelations that He is keeping with me  a Lasting Company also known as the Sure Mercies of David. You know what, even we human beings when we are for example grieving, a company of other fellow human beings give us a great deal of comfort, how much more then the Company of The Living Loving GOD  Comforts?



And I was dead and GOD came to comfort me and death fled through the window.



I thank God therefore I exist.-Elias ALDADA.








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