The Gospel Flames Company

This Is The Gospel Flames Company* Headquarter.

*Company as in Accompany.

Hello, Shalom, Peace, Selam ለኩሉ። Greetings.

My name is Elias Aldada, your Casual Webmaster.

Once in a  while I pick up a project, also helping myself in the development of my portfolio.

Melkam Megeb Restaurant in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK is my latest project. There is more to the Restaurant than the website. I myself have lately enjoyed nice Firfir and Misto(not at once, of course, had to call again)

What you see below is their website embedded with an iFrame  tactic or technic, ha, be careful, it is a live site you may catch …fire…External Link.

Melkam Megeb Restaurant, Leeds,UK. 


So, as a carpenter uses different tools, so do I use different themes, plug-ins, features and other services to set -up a website. Huge thanks to those programmers and coders who provide these things. I have contributed to one of the themes I used, and will continue to do so as  resources allow.

Christ Inspired Dynamic Gospel Band, London, UK.

Christ Inspired Dynamic Gospel Band exists in London and is founded by Prince Coker and his associates.External Link.


Over the years, I have designed – perhaps set up – a few websites for friends, churches and myself, occasionally, using Content Management Systems such as WordPress with CSS and other construction tools and resources. These are simple but useful sites, being updated time after time alongside my portfolio.

 Rhema Manche, Manchester, UK.

External Link


For this reason, providing WebIT Consultancy Support for Churches, Charities, Persons  and Organizations is not my ministry. It is part of my ministry.


The Gospel Flames Company exists to offer wholistic support.


  1. If you want a website for your church/charity/ministry/organization/endeavour, please get in touch, if in case I could help.
  2. Discover the thrust behind the Gospel Flames Company.
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