Betty Deleted Critical (Salary) Files

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Betty Deleted Critical  Files


There is no use crying over deleted files, Betty thought, while you can just find them in the recycle bin.


What if the Recycle Bin is empty?

No one would have been alerted if Betty had just deleted files.

Betty Deleted Critical (Salary) Files.


Deep inside the story:


Enough of me philosophising, I reckon, where…where in the computer is that file I deleted by mistake?


Where could it be, if not in the Recycle bin?


You normally find them crowded in there, don’t you, all those files you or someone else had deleted?


Another way of finding a lost file must therefore be knowing where it is not, isn’t it?


Betty became philosophical.


Uh, how do I know where it is not if I don’t know where it is, and then if I knew…

I hope you will enjoy this easy-quick-sweet read.

And then there is the Moral of The Story given by the Author.

Here is the file in PDF format.



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