Amateur Harpist

Elias Aldada, Amateur Harpist.

February 9,2015.

Polite Warning: The audio is indeed very amateurishly recorded but the song was sung in earnest, have mercy.

If I strive and struggle to translate/interpret the song -literally- line by line, it is gonna be a bit  hilarious here we go:

እስከዛሬ በጎ በጎ ነገር ያደረገለኝ እግዚአብሔር

David took hold of the harp

David took hold of the harp

Hitherto good, good things Who has done unto me, The Lord God

ካሁን ኋላም በጎ በጎ ነገር ሊያደርግልኝ ይችላል።

Hereafter also good, good things can He do  [unto me.]


SO, I am improving my Guitar skills time after time.

How happy those people who play the guitar without the capo, um, I am teaching myself the guitar, just taking it seriously, lately,  though I should have done so when I had the opportunity, a long, long time ago.


I use the clamp unless the song is in G or C lower area….as they say, which I think anyone could almost play.
I occasionally carry my harp with me to Church and the gathering of the brethren, in Churches and small groups to play old songs as well as songs I compose myself.


The most important thing about Music is not that you play or you sing, it is who you praise that matters.


If you play music to praise yourself or another mortal human being, I apologize.


That is just a natural thing to do, while there is a supernatural thing made possible for us to do.


At  this moment in time, my songs are in Amharic. I tried  a few  songs in English with Amharic Accent, ha haa…ho ho, it is hilarious, so, I am not going to let you listen to them, unless it is with a headphone.


I play music as much as I can to Praise The Immortal God.

Oftentimes I contemplate, happiness is nowhere else to be found.
Oh, no, not really, nowhere else.

Amateur Harpist

Amateur Harpist